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Quick post after midnight that isn't about one of my fanworks? First some writing ramblings.

Thoughts over my FMA Big Bang )

Okay, enough of my whining. Here, a couple stuff I found on Tumblr.

Possible sequel to my most recent Roy/Riza work? )

And now something Homestuck )
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First off, thanks everyone for giving advice concerning the possum problem I mentioned a few days ago. I talked to my parents about not long after I made that entry and they decided to leave the possum alone. However, LOL, more stuff happened.

More on the possum problem )

In more fun news, thanks to [ profile] nekusagi , I'm obsessed with the Vocaloid song Matryoshka and listened to different versions of it, haha. I managed to find a Miku and Luka one with them dancing:

The dance is cute, but Luka's boobs kept bouncing. @__@ Ah well, LOL. I thought you guys might enjoy he song since I know a couple of you like Vocaloid. (Speaking of which, [ profile] aztecravemonkey , I think you'll love the Nico Nico chorus version, hehe).
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Usually I don't care too much about my state's politics, but for today's news all I have to say, Arnold. >.>;

Haha, found this from my tumblr dashboard:

This is suppose to be a crack OVA of the characters (in chibi form) having a party after finishing with Conqueror of Shamballa. I have to say, this video is weird but funny at the same time. Ack, now I'm tempted to write a fan script for a Chibi party version of manga/Brotherhood if there isn't an OVA of that yet. D: I'm already thinking of making a joke that Roy haven't even gotten to kiss Riza in Brotherhood also, LOL. Don't worry, Roy, you get to do more than kissing with Riza in my FMA Big Bang for next year, hehe.
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Another meme stolen from [ profile] seatbeltdrivein . :P

Ask me about a pairing (or character) I have written (or haven't and you think I should write) and I will give you five facts about them or a ficlet or a song that is CLEARLY THEIR SONG or what they order from the Chinese place down the street, etc, etc.

Only ones I have done so far are FMA and Pokemon, LOL. For my Pokemon friends, I'm cool if you want me to talk about any of my original characters or canon characters I have written/should write. For FMA, hit me with what you got.

In other news, a friend of mine linked me this vid of someone riding a bicycle through downtown Toronto, Canada without using the steering wheel. The video is a couple years old, but it's still pretty neat (but dangerous), haha.


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