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LOL, Tom Hanks is one of my favorite actors and I love many of the characters he had done. I have my three favorites, though:

*Forrest Gump- Oh man, that movie. I just love Tom Hanks as Forrest and Gump so much. ;_:

*Woody from the Toy Story movies- He does Woody very well and I grew up watching those movies

*Robert Langdon from The Da Vinci Code/Angels and Demons- Okayyyyy, many people might disagree with me on this, but whatever. :P The movies I'm so and so, but I love Tom's take on Langdon and he brought the character to life.
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Haha, my favorite has to be Nook, my dog Beanie Baby. I actually have two of them, LOL. A bit of a long story.

The Nook Saga! )

Okay, storytime done. Now to go eat dinner and finish editing [ profile] cornerofmadness's [ profile] help_japan fic that my beta had suggestions over how to make it better. Halfway done with it, need to stop procrastinating and finish editing it. x_x
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Well, most of my books are my uni textbooks, and since I graduated with a Business Administration degree, they'll most likely say I'm very knowledgeable in business and economics. XD

I have a lot of novels too, but most of them are thrillers, mystery, and suspense. They'll say I like stories that are exciting and such (which is true). :P
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[Error: unknown template qotd] Wanna answer this! XD

Well, bay115 is a spinoff of the username I mostly used on forums, Bay (which ironically someone at LJ already was named bay. XD). As for why, well a bay is bascially a body of water close to land, and I like water. XD Hence, why this journal is called "Mistress of Water." ;) That, and I also thought it's a very cute one. ^.^;

And as for my decison for "Destiny's Tricks, in short it's on hiatus. I'm going to do like Farla did: leave the parody fic for now, but if I get some inspiration, then I'll come back to it. XD


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