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Title:Slumber Party
Author: [ profile] bay115
Fandom: Pokémon
Rating: PG
Warning: Spoilers for the ending of the Pokémon Black/White games. The setting is two years after.
Word Count: 2,777
Summary: N is having his first slumber party in the forest and has a long conversation with Hilbert.
Author’s Notes: For [ profile] springkink's September 21 Pokemon prompt Pokemon, N/Touya: A midnight slumber party in the forest. Yay, first Pokemon fic in a while! :D

Sorry for the lateness, prompter! Also, I hope you’re fine with me using Hilbert instead of Touya. I like the name, okay? XD I want to thank [ profile] enigma_shadow1 and [ profile] bobnbill for their great beta work and suggestions over how to make this story better! And oh, this fic brought to you by Techy TV.

Fifteen, and N was just dreaming. )
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Title: These Scars We’ve Earned
Author: [ profile] bay115
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Rating: R/NC-17
Warning: Post series, spoilers for Promised Day arc, instance of sex at the end
Word Count: 1,450
Summary: Riza hated her scar with deep passion.
Author’s Notes: For [ profile] springkink's September 17 FMA prompt Fullmetal Alchemist, Roy/Riza - hurt/comfort – after the promised day, no need to be ashamed of these scars we’ve earned. Yeah, crossposting it from springkink to here since I tend to forget to transfer my fics from other communities. :x

Sequel to another Roy/Riza fic of mine, Say My Name. However, you don’t have to read that story to get this one. First time doing hurt/comfort, so I probably didn’t do it right. D: Thanks to [ profile] sonjajade for the great betaing!

When the morning sunlight spilled through drawn curtains and into her bedroom, Riza’s eyes flickered. )


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