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Already posted this in the NE thread, but decided to post here too incase Serebii lags. XD
One holiday card I made last month. Too lazy to make a new one. XD
A book cover that I made for NE. Gosh I suck at photobucket! XD;

Ack, tomorrow might be raining...which would suck. -_- Last Christmas the power was out. o.O

Well, nothing to say but HAPPY HOLIDAYS! :)
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Eh...been extremly busy the last couple of weeks. Not too long ago I had to do two papers, two midterms, and one homework assigment in one week. -_- Also, I still got one paper and one midterm to do (was supposed to do that midterm last Monday, but because of the California wildfires going on, my professor postoned it until this Monday). If I'm able to get some work done tonight, might be able to watch 24:Redemption (yes, I've seen a few episodes of the show and I thought it's quite good) XD

Speaking of school, something happen a few days ago. I went to my professor's office hours to show him one of the articles I'm thinking of using for the final paper (due in a couple of weeks). He looked through it real quick and he asks if he can have a copy of it. XD I said sure and then we went to the lounge where the copy machine is (which he had a bit of trobule but one of the student assistants helped him). XD

Now at the moment I'm making some Holiday gifts for my "Nothing, Everything" reviwers/readers like I did last year. However, I'm trying to do something a little different instead of just a greeting card and showing anime pictures. XD I did make another greeting card, but I liked how it turned out. I might give an excerpt of Chapter 18 and also show a couple art pics (not by me, though XD). Other than that, not sure yet. ^^; Might think of something sooner or later.


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