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Okay, I shouldn't be doing this as I have my [ profile] fmabigbang and [ profile] help_japan (I plan to get back to it, promise! D: ) fics to do, but I know several Filipino friends (both online and real life) and also I feel like offering something again. Thanks, Jax. :P

You can check out what I'm offering here. FMA friends, it would be awesome if you give me a prompt related to Maria Ross post series, hint hint. If you guys want to offer something or bid on some of those offers, go for it!
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Title: One Night at Madame Christmas's
Author: bay115
Series: FMA Manga/Brotherhood anime
Word Count:3,404
Rating: PG
Characters: Roy/Riza, Madame Christmas
Summary: Roy takes Riza to meet his mother for the first time, only for the ladies to embarrass him soon after.
Warnings: None
Author’s Note: This is for the [ profile] help_japan auction that took place around March. Written for [ profile] cornerofmadness as she won my bid offer and her prompt is Roy taking Riza to meet Madame Christmas for the first time. I usually don’t do Roy/Riza stories in which they’re seeing each other pre-series, but this is a fun little scenario to write. Takes place not long before Roy and Riza meet up with Ed and Al at Resembool.

Also, today is apparently Royai Day, so might as well post this story on this special occasion! I didn’t know there was one until last month. XD Happy Royai Day, everyone! For this year's Royai Day, I'm revealing some fun stories of Roy that you guys never heard of before. :P Thanks to [ profile] alchemyotaku75 for the great betaing and suggestions over how to make this story better!

Over the many years Roy had known Riza, he never expected her to take so long to get ready. )
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All right, after having quite a few members love the Prompt 108 banners I did for [ profile] fma_fic_contest and a couple people asking to make me banner covers for their fanfics, I decided to offer banner covers and icons for [ profile] helpthesouth. The fandoms I'm willing to do are Pokemon, FMA, Gosick, Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, Homestuck, and Glee. So yeah, if you guys want a banner for your story, now's the time! If none of you guys aren't able to do an offer though, I'm willing to make it anyway. :)

I thought about whether to offer writing too, but for now I'm not going to do that because I want to concentrate on my [ profile] help_japan fics and a couple other personal projects I'm working on. [ profile] cornerofmadness, I got a rough draft of yours done, but I'm going to edit the heck out of it first before sending it to my beta, haha.

To those that are doing art/writing for helpthesouth, good luck! Not sure if I'll do any offers this time (I is poor), but we'll see about that too. I'm looking forward to seeing some art/writing from you guys, though!
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Happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone! Don't forget to wear green or Roy and Riza will come and hunt you down.

Title: Not Enough Time
Author: bay115
Series: FMA Manga/Brotherhood anime
Word Count: 1,261
Rating: PG
Character(s): Roy/Riza
Summary: Riza is having a hard time telling Roy the big news.
Warnings: Spoilers for ending of manga/Brotherhood anime. Sets a few years after the ending of the series.
Author's Note: FINALLY got this posted. I was juggling this story along with my [ profile] springkink fics, [ profile] fmabigbang (fic AND art), and real life stuff, so yeah it's a long time coming.

This is for the Australian Floods Fund Relief auction that took place around January (yes, Bay is slow, oi). Written for [ profile] seaweed_fma , her prompt being Riza confessing to Roy that she's pregnant. Baby on board, oh how I adore~ *gets shot* Er, anyways, Seaweed, I hope you enjoy this piece and sorry for the lateness! I promise a banner, so I'll get to that after work! Anyone else reading this, I hope you guys like this too!

Speaking of auctions, I'm offering fic for [ profile] help_japan, so if you guys want to bid for me (or any other lovely people that are helping for this great cause), it would be appreciated!  Thanks to [ profile] lalikaa for the great betaing!

She admitted to herself, they had put this off for a while. )
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Yes, Bay has cracked and is doing another auction. D:

Things aren't going well for Japan and the citizens there, so it would be wonderful if you guys lend in your help by donating and/or offering something (art, story, etc.). You can see my offer here. If you want to bid for me, that's cool.

The fandoms I'm willing to do are Homestuck, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Pokemon. I pretty much got done with my main writing projects (FMA Big Bang, Springkink, and my Australian Flood Fund Relief story), so I have some time to do one for [ profile] help_japan. I'm also going to go through your guys' offers and see if there are some I'll bid.

Again, sorry for being late in the game in doing this. Real life stuff took a toll for me lately and I keep forgetting to do this. D:

*goes edit my master fic list*
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(Thanks [ profile] seaweed_fma for letting me know about this!)

All right, lately a lot of flooding has been going on in Australia. I have a few friends over there (although I'm sure where they are isn't flooded, hope not), so I decided to try my hand at the fundraiser.

Here's the link for more info about it and where you can post the bids and my entry. So far only me and seaweed_FMA are doing FMA, so it would be great if a few of you do that too. Oh, and my Pokemon friends, it would be double awesome if I'm not the only one going to do Pokemon for this fundraiser. XD;

Real quick, I'll write at least 100 words for each $1 AUD pledged and the fandoms I'm willing to do are Pokemon, FMA, and Homestuck. If you guys can bid either me, seaweed_FMA, or any others, that would be great. I might also bid myself too if I can think up some good prompts.

Yes, I have the FMA Big Bang and springkink fics to do, but most likely I won't start on the Austrailian Fund Relief story until I get those other writing projects out of the way, haha.


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