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2011-11-17 05:58 pm
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Another Welcome Post and Free Food!

Want to welcome [ profile] ainbthech, [ profile] eleniatallah, [ profile] marukyuu from the Pokemon Big Bang meme! Sorry for the delay, a bit caught up on a few real life things. As I mentioned to the people from the FMA friennding meme, most of my posts will be fandom ramblings and talks about my fanwork projects. At the moment I post mostly FMA fanfiction, but once in a while you guys might see a Pokemon fic from me here (I posted a couple actually under the 'pokemon', 'fanfction', and 'writing post' tags if you all want to have a look around). :)

For today's post, got some free food. The city I volunteer worked for was hosting a huge luncheon for all the city employees and volunteers. There were all kinds of food, which mostly consists of sandwiches, stuff from KFC, pizza, and lots of dessert, haha. Ate the chicken, biscuits, and sandwich and was quite stuffed. And no, I didn't get the chance to eat dessert. D:

Something else happened today I like to mention. Right after I came home from work I went to take out the trash, only to find a homeless guy (or I assumed him to be) rummaging through the trash. ._. I stared at him for a second before throwing the trash away and leave. Awkwarrrrd moment there.

I also want to talk a bit over my progress with [ profile] fmabigbang, which is also apprently my NaNoWriMo project for this year, but I'll save that for next time as apparently I'm still slightly tired from all the food I ate today. Hopefully I'll still be able to write at least sometime later, heh.
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2011-11-07 05:25 pm
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Welcome post and B-day gifts

First off, want to welcome my new friends from the FMA Friending Meme [ profile] jellyjay, [ profile] r_kimono, [ profile] classicgirl1325, [ profile] alasse_mirimiel, and [ profile] yuukihikari (when you get the chance to friend me back, lol) to my journal! As I mentioned back at the meme post, my journal is mostly fandom talks and ramblings over my fanworks, most I posted here too. Nonetheless, I hope you guys enjoy your stay!

With that out of the way, want to thank everyone who wished me a happy birthday (to the new people, my birthday was on November 4th). I actually got quite a few gifts I would like to share:

*[ profile] sonjajade wrote me a Ed and Riza friendship fic, Let It Out. It's quite good and you guys should check it out!
*[ profile] carriesagun had send me a Oshawott plushie and some Pokemon trading cards! My sister has my camera and she hasn't given it back to me yet, so no picture of him yet. D:
*[ profile] muziris did an amusing No.6/FMA crossover art where Roy enjoys Karan's muffins a lot. You guys probably won't get the joke unless you watched No.6 and know the voice actors in it, haha.
*[ profile] seta_suzume did a drawing of Al with a kitten. Sooooo adorable! XD
*[ profile] alchemyotaku75 gave me a virtual birthday cupcake gift. Yummy~

I think that's all the main stuff I had gotten. Didn't expect this many gifts this year. ^^; Perhaps next year I'll have more, LOL. Again, very grateful for the gifts and the birthday wishes from all!
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2010-10-18 01:25 am

(Another) Hello Post and Babysitters Club

All righty, wanna welcome my friends from the [ profile] ontdpokemon community, [ profile] darkeiya_deylo, [ profile] kasumisukimix, [ profile] lilithhecate, and [ profile] everythingonit. While I'm at it, wanna welcome my FMA fanfic betas and new friends [ profile] alchemyotaku75 and [ profile] lalikaa. You're all wonderful people, so have a gif:

(Don't know which show it's from, but I think this is a classy gif, haha)

Now, would like to take the time to talk about my all time favorite book series. Anyone remember the Babysitters Club books? Love, love when when I was in elementary and middle school. Well, one of my favorite characters is Kristy, and my favorite book is one of the Mystery series ones, Kristy and the Magical Book. Pretty much that story is where Kristy and the other club members finda magical book of sorts in the library and they start reading. They then got sucked into the book and immediately had to solve a case where one of the characters get kidnapped and it's up to them to save that character. It's really a fun read and I'm sure you'll be sucked into the plot if you're into the Babysitters Club mystery series. *gets shot for pun*