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As long as he keeps posting, I'll probably keep mentioning him. -_-

Anyways, anyone want to take a stab at matt004's Pokemon Adventures: Black and White? Once again, the cast is lulzy, especially considering there's only one Pokemon character in a story that's suppose to be in the Pokemon universe. Hah!

Speaking of Black and White, damn it I can't play my Pokemon Black because my DS's screen has been fuzzy lately. Played it last Sunday, screen fuzzy after playing it for a couple hours. Tried again yesterday, same thing. I'll probably either wait a month and see if the problem is still going on or wait to buy the new 3DS (don't remember when the US will get it). Oi oi oi.
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To my Pokemon writing friends, the results for the Serebii Fanfic Awards are up!

EDIT: Because [ profile] br33z3h and [ profile] aztecravemonkey were talking about the results, I shall too! :P

Quick thoughts on the awards )
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Can we safely say matt004 is a huge Dawn fanboy too?

(Hopefully this will be the last time I'll talk about him :P)

And haha, that thread reminds me that three weeks from today I'll be posting my first [ profile] springkink fic, which is one of those "What If" scenarios (that had a smut scene midway through the story, oh my).

EDIT: Wow, I'm pretty surprised matt004 didn't reply to my comment in the thread. I thought he would have a fit over it. D:
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For those at Serebii, nominations for the 2010 Fanfiction Awards are due in a few more days, specially January 29. If any of you Pokemon friends have already nominated, thanks a whole bunch! If not, well get nominating! :P

Onto other things, some Serebii forums wank this time.

Wank long, so it'll have to be under this cut )
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Okay everyone, you all know that my fic Nothing, Everything is based loosely off of Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code, right? Apparently another user is also doing the same thing, this time with his other book Angels and Demons. The difference...this user is actually using characters from Angels and Demons and have them in a Pokemon setting...

Now, a couple things that seems weird to me:

"Pokemon figure in lightly. If you haven't read my former fics, most of my main characters are Aquapolian, half human and half Pokemon. They have a human body, but Pokemon elements and powers. They look exactly like humans, but wear a pendent around their necks to set them apart. Aquapolis is an island set south of Japan in the real world, including in this story."

“Excuse me?” He asked. She looked up, and he nearly gasped aloud. Her eyes were the same color of the Aquapolian crystal pendent that hung around her neck. His hands instinctively flew to his own pendent. “Commander Richter told me I should speak with you about Cardinal Reed and the note that was left by his body.”

Apparently Robert Langdon is half Pokemon now? D: If so...honestly, not sure what to think of this. XD

But yeah, in short, read it, and found it really weird she's mixing Angels and Demons with Pokemon (and people having Pokemon powers to boot). I actually kinda want to say in my review (when I get to it after I get some homework done >.>) that if she wants to do a Pokemon fanfic that is based off of a novel, then she should go read Nothing, Everything. >.> Of course, my fic has a lot of problems, but...yeah. D:

Link link link now here.
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Serebii fanfic results are in!

Long because Jacob had to make a dramatic entrance, again )

Okayyyyy, moving on. The next part of the entry is about...PokeCommunity! D: Now, I usually talk about Serebii here, but this time here are a few thoughts about PC, mainly the writing community.

PC stuff )
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Anyways, a couple business to attend to. First off, thanks to Jax and Typhlogirl...


For my new Pokemon friends, hi! Yeah here you can ask me any questions or just talk to me about other fandoms and such.

Second, another thing Jac did that I'll do to. :P

Not as fancy or with much egoism as Jax's post, but whatever. :P But yeah, give your support for the awards. Maybe even have Jacob and Bun-Bun win. :P

Real quick, I'm surprised "Nothing, Everything" got quite a few nominations this year. Would like it if I kept Most Suspenseful Fic, but there were other fics that were more suspenseful, so yeah. XD So yeah, here's to hoping I do better this awards! Not that I care too much about it. :P
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Okay, thanks to [ profile] typhlogirl, I went to the Sailor Senshi Maker thing and I went ahead and did Sailor Moon designs for Bunny, Jenny, and Jacob.

When the cast of Nothing, Everything gets sucked in the Sailor Moon world )

So yeah, I recommend you guys try it out for your fanfic characters or any characters from any fandom. This is too addicting. :P

Speaking of Nothing, Everything, real quick I want to say thanks everyone who nominated NE and Heart of the Sea for the Fanfic Awards. Haha, Bun-Bun and Damus are going against each other in Best Main Human. MADE THE BEST WOMAN/OLD FISHEMAN WIN! Also, Jacob is sooooooo going to shoot his competition in the Best Villain category. :P


Aug. 26th, 2009 10:17 am
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(has nothing to hide :x)

The part where Yami puts "I AM GOD" had me laughing for twenty minutes. Am I bad for thinking that is amusing? D:

Let round two of the good/bad author flamewar begin! And quoting Sven from Black Cat: "Eve, ring the bell."



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