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Usually I don't care too much about my state's politics, but for today's news all I have to say, Arnold. >.>;

Haha, found this from my tumblr dashboard:

This is suppose to be a crack OVA of the characters (in chibi form) having a party after finishing with Conqueror of Shamballa. I have to say, this video is weird but funny at the same time. Ack, now I'm tempted to write a fan script for a Chibi party version of manga/Brotherhood if there isn't an OVA of that yet. D: I'm already thinking of making a joke that Roy haven't even gotten to kiss Riza in Brotherhood also, LOL. Don't worry, Roy, you get to do more than kissing with Riza in my FMA Big Bang for next year, hehe.
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Fandom to do list
*[ profile] evil_little_dog 's [ profile] help_japan fic- Got some writing and outlining done
*[ profile] cornerofmadness 's [ profile] help_japan  fic- Got a bit more started
* [ profile] aztecravemonkey 'sPokeCommunity review challenge- 29 out of 29 reviews DONE!
*[ profile] pokeprompts's "February" prompt- Got an idea what I want to do with the "February" prompt, need to brainstorm. Thank goodness this is due May 31st.
* Do banner for [ profile] gretchen8642's FMA Big Bang fic Never Let Me Go- DONE and this is the end result.

Okay, pretty much only thing to do with my Fandom to do list is the help_japan stories and the pokeprompt one. I want to get the help_japan stories done by this month, so I signed myself up at Dreamwidth's writethisfanfic and the challenge I make myself is get evil_little_dog and cornerofmadness's stories be done then. I was supposed to do some writing today, of Osama Bin Ladden's death is getting pretty distracted at the moment, bleh. For sure I'll get started on my help_japan writings tomorrow.

Speaking of Osama Bin Ladden's death, I'm a bit conflicted how I should feel, though it is surprising that this happened. However, this is really ironic as yesterday I posted America Fuck Yeah over at aztecravemoneky's journal just for spam. Guess this song is kinda appropriate for this occasion? I didn't predict this would happen! D:

Edit: Note to self- use the strike tags under HTML, NOT Rich Text.
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Fandom meme stolen from [ profile] aztecravemonkey because like her, I have a lot of headcanon stuff going on in my mind.

Give me a topic, preferably a fannish topic that I would be likely to have something to say about, and I will attempt to write you a few paragraphs of meta on what I think about the subject.

In other news, there has been an earthquake at New Zealand recently. I have two friends there and am glad they're okay. I thought the earthquake is at their city, but it's at Christchurch. Still pretty tragic and woah to me. I do hope the people trapped in the buildings and rumble will be saved in time.


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