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3 - For each of the fandoms from day two, what were your favorite characters to write?

Pokemon: In terms of canon characters, Officer Jenny, definitely. In the anime there’s not too much personality with her going on, so I had fun coming up one for her. Also, considering there’s more than one Officer Jenny, it’s safe to say not one Jenny are the same. :P

FMA: Roy Mustang because you can have his characterization go in different routes, depending on what kind of story you’re writing. For instance, for something drama like you can have him be all serious, ambitious, and caring all in one while in a crack fic you can make him silly. He’s a pretty complex but flexible character. XD; I also enjoy writing Ling Yao a lot when I did Down the Road. While writing, I got to go deeper into his mind over his thoughts about the trip back to Xing and the political stuff going on with Amestris and the neighboring countries.

Naruto and Homestuck: Both of them again I just wrote one story each, but I enjoyed writing Deidara and John a lot.

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PC's Small Writing Contest for the Get Together has been closed and there are twenty one entries [ profile] bobnbill, [ profile] speaker_astinus, and I have to go through.


...So lucky I just need to read and give out the scores instead of also having to do full blown reviews like Serebii's HeartGold/SoulSilver one shot contest back in 2009. Either case though, bye bye writing time for a week or two. O:

Since I'm here, time for day two of the fanfic meme!

2 – Name the fandoms you've written in, and how much you've written in that fandom, and if you still write in it.

So far I have written four fandoms, two I have written only one story for each and two I wrote quite a bit.

*Pokemon- I already mentioned how five years ago I started Pokemon fanfiction due to being inspired by some great writers at Serebii forums. So far I have posted...*goes check Master Fic List* twelve stories in public: three finished chaptered fics, one unfinished chaptered fic, and eight one shots. I have like six other Pokemon one shots, but I don't like them. x_x At the moment I'm not writing Pokemon fanfiction, but I still have vague ideas time to time so I might be able to do some again soon.

*FMA- LOL, losing track since there are some stories from [ profile] fma_fic_contest I need to post here and a couple that are saved in my documents folder, but perhaps I have done close to thirty stories so far? I believe I'll still write stories for FMA for a long time since I keep getting plot bunnies for this fandom. Also, with [ profile] fmabigbang coming soon, I'll be focusing on the story I plan to enter it in for a while.

*Naruto- LOL back in 2009 a couple friends of mine would talk a lot about Naruto, so I went straight to watching Naruto: Shippuden (already know what happens pre-Shippuden, so I didn't bother watching the original series). I wrote a short where Deidara blew up Sasori, Solf Kimblee style. x_x I actually did wrote another piece based around one of the anime-based arcs, but that story wasn't going anywhere, so I scrap it. Not in that fandom anymore, so no more fics there.

*Homestuck- Wrote a one shot that's basically a retelling of when John met Grimdark! Rose thanks to a prompt from [ profile] seta_suzume's No True Pairing community at Dreamwidth. Right now Homestuck is getting way, WAY confusing and I haven't looked through the updates in a week, but I have a couple fanfic ideas which I may do after I get some of my FMA stories done. One idea is in which it's an AU where Jade gets kidnap and Terezi has to find her (thank you, Seta! XD).

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