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Why I love twitter sometimes. This is what you get for having your username named after a certain director's last name. Yes, I said "name" three times, shut up. :P

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Okay, thanks to [ profile] typhlogirl, I went to the Sailor Senshi Maker thing and I went ahead and did Sailor Moon designs for Bunny, Jenny, and Jacob.

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So yeah, I recommend you guys try it out for your fanfic characters or any characters from any fandom. This is too addicting. :P

Speaking of Nothing, Everything, real quick I want to say thanks everyone who nominated NE and Heart of the Sea for the Fanfic Awards. Haha, Bun-Bun and Damus are going against each other in Best Main Human. MADE THE BEST WOMAN/OLD FISHEMAN WIN! Also, Jacob is sooooooo going to shoot his competition in the Best Villain category. :P
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Was about to just show this to Jax, but I think all of you will enjoy this too:

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Oh my...

Sep. 24th, 2009 01:00 pm
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My professor send in an e-mail last night talking about the books we're going to need for our class. At the closing, he spelled his last name wrong.


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