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Title: White Blank Page
Fandom: The Lizzie Bennet Diaries
Characters: Darcy/Lizzie, Fitz, Catherine De Bourgh
Word Count: 2,484
Rating: PG
Warnings: Slight spoilers from Episodes 60, 61, and 68.
Summary: Darcy writes a letter to Lizzie before leaving back to Los Angeles. Several weeks later, the two cross paths once more.
Notes: For the November Nano Failure Ficathon and the prompt I wrote for is Darcy/Lizzie and the Mumford and Sons song White Blank Page. Also for [community profile] cottoncandy_bingo's prompt "Internet/Social Media".

Unbeta'd save for me looking through the story a couple times, so there are most likely several mistakes concerning characterization and grammar/tense, ack. Last line in the letter got it from the original Pride and Prejudice novel, otherwise I tried to have the letter fit within the context of the series.

He hoped a drink would clear his head, but while sipping his coffee he kept reflecting back to their meeting.  )
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Both stories are for [ profile] fmagiftexchange Halloween round.

Title: Aim
Author: [ profile] bay115
Characters: Kain Fuery, Riza Hawkeye
Word Count: 859
Rating: PG for gun use
Summary: Fuery asks Hawkeye to teach him on being a better shooter and she agrees.
Prompt: ([ profile] gaia_lulia's prompt) We see Fuery shooting Gluttony alongside Riza; did she teach him to shoot?
Notes: Thanks to [ profile] sonjajade for the great betaing!

Lately, though, he found himself wanting to be more proficient when it came to fire cover, able to help and protect his comrades. And he knew the perfect person to teach him. )

Title: Blessed
Author: [ profile] bay115
Characters: Scar/Rose, Dr. Marcoh
Word Count: 576
Rating: PG
Summary: Rose has a strong feeling she's expecting soon.
Prompt: ([ profile] sonjajade's prompt) Scar/Rose: discovering Rose has a little Ishvalan in her (can be taken a couple of ways ^__^)
Notes: Thanks to [ profile] missyquill for the great betaing! One of the things she pointed out is Scar most likely won't give Rose the name he was referred to duirng the manga storyline, so I went with Imad (which is support/pillar in Arabic). This is also used for [community profile] cottoncandy_bingo's prompt "Finding/Seeking Love".

Because Rose wasn't feeling well, she had to leave for home early and rest. )
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Title: Across the Skies
Author: bay115
Series: Manga/Brotherhood
Word Count: 705
Rating: PG
Characters: Edward/Winry
Summary: Ed and Winry are getting ready for a romantic evening out.
Warning: Post-canon, set a few years after Chapter 108/Episode 64 of Brotherhood.
Author's Notes: For [ profile] fma_fic_contest's Prompt 185 "Use a line or stanza from poetry". The line his soul stretched tight across the skies is from T.S. Eliot’s Preludes. This is also being used for [community profile] cottoncandy_bingo's prompt "Dance/Ball/Prom". Had done classy Roy/Riza and Roy/Olivier, now time for some classy Ed/Winry. XD Thanks to [ profile] sonjajade for the great betaing!

Tonight, he and his wife had planned an evening of dinner and dancing at one of East City’s restaurants and they were getting ready. )
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Title: Clawkind
Fandom: Homestuck
Characters: Rose, Nepeta, Mutie (Rose +Nepeta friendship, implied Rose/Kanaya)
Word Count: 1,887
Rating: PG
Warnings: Slight mention over the [S]Act 6 Intermission 3 update, so some spoilers there.
Summary: Rose and Mutie are reunited, only for the kitty to run off sometimes and the Seer of Light being introduced to Nepeta.
Notes: For this prompt from [community profile] homesmut and the [community profile] cottoncandy_bingo prompt, “pets”. Very handwavy post-canon future fic, so yeah. Thanks to [ profile] bobnbill for the great betaing! And yes, title comes from Nepeta’s strife specibus.

Upon entering the new planet she and her friends created after the game had ended, Rose predicted the deceased would arise back from the ashes. )
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Title: With a Warmth I’ll Not Forget
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist (manga/Brotherhood)
Characters: Roy/Riza
Word Count: 853
Rating: PG
Warnings: None except for extreme fluff.
Summary: Roy and Riza get some time for themselves at their (secret) shared apartment.
Notes: Domestic Roy/Riza FTW. For the [community profile] cottoncandy_bingo challenge, the prompt being "Sharing". A follow up of sorts to my fic Something We Both Can Share, but you don't have to read that fic to get this one.
Notes 2: Title comes from Rob Thomas’s song, “Ever the Same.” Thanks to [ profile] sonjajade for the great betaing!

The local florist was only a few blocks from his house, and already Roy had visited it twice since his return to East City. )


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