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Haha, apparently my morning started off with a small earthquake, which happened around close to 8am. I was still sleeping, and then felt two huge shakes, thus waking me up. I later got out of my room to see my parents and they immediately told me that they too felt the earthquake. Since my family and I live in southern California we're used to earthquakes a million times already, but it's still very annoying to be waken up by one, oi.

Not long after, my dad went off to work and my mom and I were watching a little bit of a western movie (my mom LOVES westerns @_@ ) in which one of the characters was a blind cowboy. Somehow we had a quick conversation about blindness with my mom saying along the lines, "Nothing but darkness around them" and "They need to feel around their surroundings all the time". I then told her blind people can still do a lot of stuff on their own and will need to use all their other senses besides touch. After that conversation was over, I was then reminded of all the silly mistakes I did with my [ profile] springkink fic Like a Radio Drama that I posted back on February. LOL, I think I know where my mistake of not researching blindness in the first place came from. Thanks, Mom. -_-

Speaking of [ profile] springkink, I have two stories I'll be posting there soon. The first story will be Roy/Riza (with Roy not blind in this one thank goodness, LOL) and it'll be posted on the 17th. My next story is actually going to be Pokemon and will be posted hopefully on the 21st. What's funny is the Pokemon story is going to be a N/Hilbert friendship one. XD But hey, at least I'm finally going to write Pokemon again after not writing one for several months and excited about that! :D


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