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So another birthday passed for me, oh my. Totally forgot today is Daylights Savings Time, so I woke up before 8am instead of 9am like usual, haha. Want to thank everyone who wished me a happy birthday so far! [ profile] carriesagun had send me some Oshawott goodies and [ profile] missyquill wrote me a semi angst Roy/Riza ficlet, both great! Guess while I'm still here will mention a few things that happened:

-Thursday at my workplace got a birthday card and cake early because city hall closes on Fridays and my birthday is on a Sunday, LOL.

-Friday had a doctor's appointment and it went fairly well. Bad thing is I had to wait THREE HOURS at the hospital because for some reason my appointed time falls close to lunch hour. x_x Was reading A Storm of Swords and ate lunch while waiting. After the appointment needed to get laundry done.

-Got quite a bit writing done lately. Already got my story for [ profile] fmabigbang finished and beta'd (story MUCH easier than Chasing the Desert, haha) and also a few Homestuck shorts that shall be posted in the coming months (one I actually might post later today or tomorrow). Speaking of writing, I'm trying my hand at NaNo again, this time writing several one shots and longer fics. At the moment using my Ladystuck Exchange and [ profile] help_japan fic ('ll get finished [ profile] evil_little_dog, don't worry! ).

And guess that's it. Today's plans is mostly writing/editing, catching up on Psycho Pass, and watching the season finale of Downtown Abbey. Pretty sunny outside unlike last year!
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First off, want to welcome my new friends from the FMA Friending Meme [ profile] jellyjay, [ profile] r_kimono, [ profile] classicgirl1325, [ profile] alasse_mirimiel, and [ profile] yuukihikari (when you get the chance to friend me back, lol) to my journal! As I mentioned back at the meme post, my journal is mostly fandom talks and ramblings over my fanworks, most I posted here too. Nonetheless, I hope you guys enjoy your stay!

With that out of the way, want to thank everyone who wished me a happy birthday (to the new people, my birthday was on November 4th). I actually got quite a few gifts I would like to share:

*[ profile] sonjajade wrote me a Ed and Riza friendship fic, Let It Out. It's quite good and you guys should check it out!
*[ profile] carriesagun had send me a Oshawott plushie and some Pokemon trading cards! My sister has my camera and she hasn't given it back to me yet, so no picture of him yet. D:
*[ profile] muziris did an amusing No.6/FMA crossover art where Roy enjoys Karan's muffins a lot. You guys probably won't get the joke unless you watched No.6 and know the voice actors in it, haha.
*[ profile] seta_suzume did a drawing of Al with a kitten. Sooooo adorable! XD
*[ profile] alchemyotaku75 gave me a virtual birthday cupcake gift. Yummy~

I think that's all the main stuff I had gotten. Didn't expect this many gifts this year. ^^; Perhaps next year I'll have more, LOL. Again, very grateful for the gifts and the birthday wishes from all!
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Wee, so today's my birthday and it's freaking raining HARD outside! *_* Backyard and the streets are all soaked and wet. Not sure if it'll clear or not. Oh well. Haha yesterday at work I was pretty surprised when a few of my co-workers suddenly sang Happy Birthday to me and have a cake already bought. Reason for that is city employees don't work on Fridays so they're saying happy birthday to me a day early, lol.

Pretty much today's birthday plans are:

* Write some of my [ profile] fmabigbang
* Get banners done for [ profile] fma_fic_contest (doing banners for prompt 136 and 138)
*Volunteer at the library as I have always done on Fridays the past two years
*Watch a couple episodes of Mirai Nikki because a couple of my friends have been bothering me about it, lol
*Spend time with family over whatever they're planning for me today. Not too sure if we'll go out considering it's raining now and might continue for sometime. ._.

Speaking of FMA Big Bang, most of you already know I'm going to try to finish that along with writing my [ profile] help_japan for NaNoWriMo and I'm close to 3,100 words at the moment. New plan is writing Chapters 7, finish off 8, and do 9 as I had Chapter 6 done already. Ack, Chapter 7 is ending up longer then I thought so I might have to break it down into two chapters, making the story possibility 10 chapters now. D: So far in that chapter I have Grumman in drag (yes, you heard that'll see), Roy liking muffins (I BLAME YOU, [ profile] muziris!), and some political talks. Politics and romance, tis hard. Here's to hoping I stick to the plan!


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