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First off, thanks everyone for giving advice concerning the possum problem I mentioned a few days ago. I talked to my parents about not long after I made that entry and they decided to leave the possum alone. However, LOL, more stuff happened.

More on the possum problem )

In more fun news, thanks to [ profile] nekusagi , I'm obsessed with the Vocaloid song Matryoshka and listened to different versions of it, haha. I managed to find a Miku and Luka one with them dancing:

The dance is cute, but Luka's boobs kept bouncing. @__@ Ah well, LOL. I thought you guys might enjoy he song since I know a couple of you like Vocaloid. (Speaking of which, [ profile] aztecravemonkey , I think you'll love the Nico Nico chorus version, hehe).


Jun. 18th, 2011 10:05 pm
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Ack, just recently there is a possum outside in the backyard. *_* While my family and I were eating dinner, the cat outside yelled and we went to check that there is indeed a possum. My mom then immediately grabbed the cat and closed the door, only for him (the cat's male) crying because he wants to go back outside. Apparently this is the THIRD time the possum came because I wasn't aware there was one visiting the backyard until MOm told me this morning.

One of the things we're considering is catching it the next time it comes and take it to Animal Control. The only problem is we don't have anything/unsure how to go about that. We used to have rabbit cages that might work, but Mom gave them away to family friends last year. x_x So yeah, any advice on dealing with this possum problem?


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